Friday, April 2, 2010

maybe, I should not ask

it was started with 1 simple question and end up with the world crashing down.
it was started with a spark of loving and caring but should end up with commit suicide.
it was started with a smiling face but ended with a crying face.

regret for asking.
hurting to know the answer.
bleeding to face the truth.

"maybe i should not ask"
"but how could im not asking? i was so worried, curious at the same time"
well maybe i should''ve stop at the moment it should be stopped"
"how can i stop if a part of me ask for more?"

and that is all started with just one simple question.

Friday, February 26, 2010

when you love someone

When you fall in love with someone.
Love them completely.
Their goods and their bads.
And when you feel like you don't love them anymore, just remember all of the good things about them that make you fall for them.
And keep remember their bads, cause that is what kept you on the ground.

out of sight, out of mind

You'll forget something when you didn't see it for a while.
It'll buried under the current thing and you wouldn't see it or find it unless you dig it all, but I'm sure that's gon be pretty mess. And I know you don't wanna mess with anything called "PAST"
Leave it under and forget it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ask me anything

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

friendship will never be broken.
cause in the end when you got fucked up with the world around you all you have to lay your head down and tell all of your stories is your friend.
no matter how you've fucked them, they will always got your back.

Friday, January 29, 2010

i don't know what love is.
all i know it is the greatest feeling on earth.
it feels like you're on a heaven on earth when you're being loved, isn't it?

all i know. love is the purest thing that ever happened in human being.
and all i know is. you don't have to learn how to love someone. it just happen. snap snap! just like that.

but what i know is. love is hard.
love is all about scarification.
love is all bout keep smiling when you saw someone you love the most you give your whole heart to them holding hands and being happy with someone else they loved.
and all i know love is about to get hurt in order to save the one you love.

love is about giving without expecting to be given.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

randomly pick from the draft

i love to sit there, at our favourite coffee shop. alone.
tasting your favourite coffee. eating their cookies which your highly recommended cookies. reading those books you love the most. playing the songs you really like.

i do still remember what are we talking about at 5 in the afternoon in this coffee shop.
escaping away from the terrific hectic streets.
looking at the glorious sky. humming our songs.
giggling. joking about people.

somehow i miss you.
i miss you like you're the missing pieces of my puzzle.
i miss your laugh.
i miss your deep brown eyes.
i miss your hands while they're holding mine.
i miss you. i miss you.

i fell in love with you. i fell in love with everything in you. i fell in love with everything that made you.
i fell in love with how you talk.
i fell in love whit your writings.
i fell in love with every single day i spent with you.

i adore you. i do.
in every second we're together.
in every details of you.
i adore how your perfume somehow become a prefect mix with your body scent.
say that im stupid, but i adore how you dressed up.

and. its me. still at the coffee shop. still the same spot. still the same cup of coffee. still the same cookies. the same books. and the same song playlist.
without you. without our afternoon story.

you're gone. just gone without any sentimental detail reason.
i wake up in the morning and i never found you until today.
nothing left beside you're memories.

and im here in order to have you back. make you back to life by living in your memories.
picking up the minor details of yours.
hope someday this detail will be grown as you. the one i love, just like yesterday. like you used to be.

i always write something rough
i dont have some subject which i want to talk about in my blog
and in the end, its all gonna be just a rough draft that i never open it up and delete it somehow cause i feel annoyed

it takes time to sharpen my writing skills.

Friday, January 15, 2010

everyone have a memories. bad or good, bitter sweet. aything. evrything.
every second in life is memories. which you wouldnt wanna forget it, even if its hurts, well facts, i dont know about you, but i would keep all of my memories the bitter and the sweet.
cause in the end, these memories are the one who taught me how to act how to clear up things how to face the truth.
cause when i feeling down, i know how to cheering up my mood, i

daily update

dengan minimnya pengunjung blog gw. gw jadi berpikiran untuk memperbanyak post-an blog ini agar supaya orang" dapat membaca lebih banyak refrensi tentang hidup.
well, i know i might not be life guru sure im not, but at least i could write a story about life which you could learn something from that.
jadi, mulai hari ini, sepertinya gw akan menuliskan rangkuman kejadian hari itu.
semoga saja saya menjadi orang yang konsisten.

because life, is a piece of learning time